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Games worthy of Best Actress Zhou Yang, Wang Chong

2010 March 17
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curtain fall yesterday, this newspaper, “Winter is also good-looking than the film” Today’s launch of the end of Winter’s Academy Awards ceremony, to cooking wine Heroes. Winter Olympics for a more micro-display spectacular event, this Academy Film Awards red carpet will be modeled process, from the movie, characters, technology and other types to do more comprehensive, detailed, professional of the award, based in Vancouver Winter Olympics meeting unprecedented will draw to a successful conclusion.

character classes:

Best Director: Li Yan

film: “Three Golden Pai An Jing Qi\

winning Rationale: As an athlete, Li Yan has already proved itself in the Winter Olympics, “acting class.” As a director, he would be his disciples, the U.S. speed skating champion Oscar push the temple of Apollo. Returned after word and deed, to create out of the Chinese Olympic gold medal Another dream team – women’s short track speed skating team. Four gold medals at the ultimate glory be called perfect, regardless of Chinese-language film “Three Golden Pai An Jing Qi\.

Best Actor: Vacancy

award-winning reasons: the Games will not skimp on the final stage of the shock actor emerged in order to ensure the quality of awards, so vacancy announcement.

Best Actress: Wang?

film: “Three Golden Pai An Jing Qi”

winning Rationale: Prior to this, the Chinese Army at one Olympic Games Winter Olympics the best result is that two gold, while the king? This time alone will be a breakthrough, whereas the history of one of the “three Golden Pai An Jing Qi” has withstood Powerful expected value, interpreted one climax after another, the full momentum and eventually earned a cheer. If we say that Yang Yang, “The first Winter Olympics gold” meaning comparable to Xu Haifeng, then the king? Its meaning comparable to “Li Ning.” Project in the Winter Olympics, China has finally been born the first superstar!

Best Supporting Actor: Plushenko

Video: “Platinum”

award-winning Rationale: The Ice Prince was once an elegant men’s single skating arena, the only main character, may be re-discovered until after a comeback, rivers and lakes no longer the original rivers and lakes. The new rule would be more emphasis on choreography, ice prince’s difficult not only solution the world, Americans do not Laisaqieke staged four weeks away easily jump on the gold medal, no wonder that Putin for Mingbu Ping. 100 mind refuses to accept the official line of ice prince in his harvest will be jealous of Vancouver called “Platinum” award, even if the case can not be reduced to a supporting role to change their reality.

Best Supporting Actress: Kim Yu-child

film: “Ursula”

Awards reasons: the perfect embodiment of Ursula’s Kim Yu-na children are expected to compete for best actress in this, but unfortunately king? limelight too fresh. The same as “national treasures” of Kim Yu-na While it was welcomed by flower children sliding gold, but after all, a golden Nandi three gold. Can only be second best, awarded the best supporting actress Oscar for an incentive.

best new artist: Zhou Yang

Video: “punch through”

Awards reason: 90 after the first stage involving the Olympic Games in line with new conditions, Zhou Yang. The impoverished, relying on his mother grew up in northeast Wei Ren Zhi Maoyi money girls in the Olympic maiden voyage in a blockbuster, first in individual events alone in the battle to an enemy three groups followed by a gold icing on the cake. Two gold medals in the inaugural report card rated fantasy, but also sounded the Chinese boarded the Olympic stage after 90 years the strongest voice.

Lifetime Achievement Award: Li Nina


award-winning reason: “Lifetime Achievement Award” is always awarded to tragic hero. Compared to the ice with a higher degree of concern over the years,sexy dresses, Li Nina almost with a person’s star effect, drawing people to the snow limited attention to the project in order to “defending runner-up,” as the curtain call, she has done & ldquo ; to make personnel, resign themselves to fate, “and its good-bye when the elegant and indifferent even more visibly moved. When people are favorable for gold, do not forget to say goodbye to the upcoming wave of Li Nina to pay tribute. I do not know have to wait another many years, people can be high in the mountains to see the platform is not a make-up, but also the United States have wound their hearts to the air butterfly flying figure.

video categories:

Best Picture: “Blades of Glory”

Starring: China’s women’s short track speed skating team

award-winning Reason: Chinese women’s short track speed skating team jointly launch a new version of “Blades of Glory” complete subversion of the original script that Paramount and DreamWorks. Passion overflowing coach, domineering captain invincible, turned out to the teenager, side by side showing the tremendous vested with the speed and numerous humorous “lines.” Unprecedented Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, a historic gold medal big sweep, classic Madden’s “talk show” Let the Chinese women’s short track speed skating team starring the “Blades of Glory” in the best film competitions in the absolute winner, No more reasons.

Best Animated Short Film: “anguish”

Starring: Cui Guangfu

Awards reasons: quite similar to “Kung Fu Panda” Jack? Black Cui Guangfu South Korean speedskating women’s team coach at the current Winter Olympics become an overnight success. This is quite the character and delight the women’s 1,500 m short track speed skating coach in the final group of slides in a hot network. With the competition process, Cui fat face changing, from the arrogance, arrogance to the frustrated, lonely, especially the gold medal next to the lonely tears behind the “anguish” scene, and before too proud, puffed up with pride in stark contrast, it is tickled pink. User joked, in view of the superb fat Cui, “acting\

Best Short Film: “It Happened One Night”

Starring: Scott? Lago

award-winning Reason: Vancouver Olympic Winter Games men’s snowboard U-tank bronze medalist – American athletes Scott? Lago, “starred in his life” in this Part, skits, to the people interpreted the meaning of “joy turning to sorrow.” Its celebration of the victory with Xiangyan girl indecent photographs on the Internet have been exposed and forced to repent, apologize, and under strong pressure to abandon the remaining games, the cost of indulgence let Scott? Lago a night “heroes of change disgrace “in advance with the Winter Olympics kiss goodbye.

technology classes:

Best Cinematography: “wuregan”


award-winning Rationale: There is no doubt biathlon is the Winter Games in the picture a sense of the finest of the tournament. Rolling snow-capped mountains, blanketed by Su-wrapped the earth, quiet forests, rolling trails, athletes toting “shotgun” in the beautiful scenery in the shuttle before the trip, like Yang Zirong gallop wuregan road film version, the screen refreshing lens aesthetic, but also a bit more art film texture.

Best Makeup: “Painted Skin”

Japan Women’s curling team

Awards reasons: beauty is more Japanese women love makeup, said many Japanese men, their lives have not read his wife did not make-up look. This time, Japanese women’s curling team members will be the face of burst, “one centimeter thick foundation” and Meng Liao, User jokingly its “really threw a layer of Painted Skin.” In Sino-Japanese women’s curling contest, although the defeat Japan, but the Japanese female players in the make-up technique is a real win one, called “Race is not the curling technology, but the make-up technology.”

Best Costume Design: “Tou Shizhuang”

Japanese speed skating team

Awards reason: the current Olympic Winter Games, the Japanese team players wear on the bold and unprecedented innovation, when the Japanese speed skating women as young as 15-year-old player was wearing a Toushi Zhuang Miho Takagi expedition photos Winter Olympics in Vancouver is not tibia and go, especially those belonging to the G-string underwear for adult fun can be identified clearly does give viewers blush, it has also become the most read speed skating arena Madden lace news, from the eye of economic considerations, Japan’s “Tou Shizhuang & rdquo ; a result of the highest concern, when awarded the prize.

Best Visual Effects: “Vertical Limit”

Freestyle Skiing Aerials Team

award-winning Reason: Martin? Campbell adventure action movie in Vancouver, has been a more compelling, exciting way to rearrange the script. Freestyle skiing aerials athletes to use the full brunt of a second volley after the jump, let people enjoy the air flying stimulus and gorgeous. The 10 meters tall leaps, instantaneous speed of up to 70 kilometers, for the bull by the horns again and again to challenge the limits of the “actors\


the best award-winning comments: Zhou Yang

“gold medal hope parents will allow me to live a little better”

Awards reasons: in the small Zhou Yang’s eyes, his biggest wish is to allow the creation of two Olympic gold medals to change the history of poor family background these goals are ambitious User big truth by many as “the best Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver touching acceptance speech, “critics have even been considered fans to” 90 after the bite of the elderly “in a resounding slap in the face in mind!

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